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White sticker with black art and words


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Don’t California my Utah!

Let people know that you don’t want Californians to change Utah. Californians are here as refugees, not evangelists.

4.25″X 2.75″ oval-shaped sticker with white background. Art of a bear walking toward a beehive. The bear is black and the beehive is black and white in color. Words are in black. These words have an apostrophe in “Don’t” and the word Utah and California is spelled out. There is no “.com” on this sticker.

These stickers were bought through a different supplier. They are smaller than my other Oval stickers. The quality of these is not as good, but it is still a good sticker. Note that the price is also less.

This sticker would look great on a laptop, water bottle, vehicle, or gun case.

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Dimensions 4.25 × 2.75 in


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