Use our stickers to tell Californians moving into a neighborhood near you that you don't want them turning your state into the one they fled from. Stickers from look great on a car, a laptop, a water bottle, your building window, or the place that they fear the most, a gun case.

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Californians are leaving their state at a rapid pace.

Many are fleeing tax rates courtesy of those they voted for

  • Highest statewide sales tax in the country.
  • Highest gasoline tax in the country
  • Highest top tier income tax rate in the country
  • Corporate tax rates in the top 10 in the country

Seeking less progressive governments

Even Californians know their policies are bad. They are fleeing to other states where the government doesn’t intrude on their lives and take as much money in taxes. This table shows where they are ending up.

Data is from 2019 state-to-state estimated migration

Californians are bringing their progressive votes with them

This map shows the direction states voted in the 2020 presidential election. Without thinking Republican vs Democrat, consider how progressive thinking infiltrating your state may influence the way legislation and elections may go. California-expats may not realize that the people and things they voted for in California are why their state became the place they wanted to flee. Do you want your state to be the next California?

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